Starters - Appetizers


Whole ripe fresh avocados are mashed with jalapenos, tomatoes, onions and spices to make a delicious dip for your tostada chips or to be added to your favorite dish to give it a creamy kick!

Chile Con Queso

Creamy and delicious blend of cheeses mixed with our delicious hatch green chile, fresh tomatoes and green onions. This is a delicious compliment to the fresh chips and salsa and will make the start of your meal epic!

Cheese Crisp

We use a large flour tortilla and generous portion of melted cheese to make this Tucson favorite one you won't forget. Don't hesitate to top it with any of your favorite ingredients. Green chile, any of our meats, fresh tomatoes, and green onions can make this appetizer completely unique.


Large tortilla grilled with melted cheese, folded in half and cut make this an extra cheesy beginning. Load it up with meat or green chile to make it extra delicious!


A New Mexico favorite! The easiest way to describe this dish is amazing. We take tostada chips and toss them in your choice of one of our delicious enchilada sauces to soften them up, they're served in a bowl and are topped with cheese, sour cream and garnished with tomatoes and green onions. It's a super saucy nacho that is a must have.