Hand-Made Fresh Margaritas

The art of the margarita is something we pride ourselves in. We take the best fresh ingredients and make every single margarita individually.

We've taken great care in choosing our ingredients. From the fresh limes we use as garnish to the salt we use to rim the glass, we consider the cocktail an important part of the experience. Our margaritas are delicious.

Quality tequila and triple sec with some fresh lime juice make the margarita a cocktail that should be experienced. We make a mean one and we think you'll agree that our margaritas are some of the best you'll ever have.

Specialty Margaritas

Start with 1800

We use 1800 Reposado Tequila to start the Cadillac


Add a high quality orange liquor (Triple Sec)

Cadillac Margarita

Cadillacs drive real nice!

The cadillac margarita is a delicious blend of high quality reposado tequila (1800), and an equally high quality triple sec (Cointreau), hand mixed and served in a salt rimmed glass. Garnished with a fresh cut lime, orange and served on the rocks.

H.I.T. Margarita

This is an exclusive to Poco & Mom's Cantina!!

Our H.I.T. is used to make a spicy, sweet, salty, fresh and fun margarita that will make you rethink what a cocktail can be. This one is definitely worth tasting...


We start with H.I.T.

Triple Sec

Add a high quality orange liquor (Triple Sec)

Herradurra Silver

We use Herradura Tequila to start the Spanish Lady

Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach

Add a high quality orange liquor (Triple Sec)

The Spanish Lady

The Spanish Lady is a delicious sophisticated Margarita served up in a martini glass with a salted rim. It's a beautiful drink with a great flavor.

Perfect for someone who wants to try our margaritas but doesn't want to have ice in the glass.