What Make us Different?

This is why we are unique:

Hatch Green & Red Chile

When people want to know what makes our food so different from other restaurants here in Tucson we only need to use one word to answer the question: Hatch.

Hatch New Mexico is the official Chile Capital of the World.

It is located in southern New Mexico in the middle of the Mesilla Valley. The climate in this part of the world has proven to be the best for growing delicious hot and remarkable chile. These chiles are unique for a number of reasons:

  • The chile is spicy, but not so spicy that it will "burn" your taste buds
  • They are very versatile - you can include the chile in any one of a number of dishes to provide a very unique and rememorable flavor
  • As the plant matures the green chiles become red... these older chiles are a completely different flavor profile from the green and offer 2 totally unique flavors from the same plant
  • They're robust and grow in an otherwise "harsh" climate. The desert heat can be tough on plants, but the New Mexico Valley Hatch Chiles thrive in the environment.

We get all of our chiles from the Mesilla Valley delivered weekly to ensure freshness.

The process to turn these beautiful peppers into green and red chile is a long held family tradition, but we think you'll agree that once you've had a good batch, you'll be addicted. That's the reason for our tagline:

"It's Hard Not to be Addicted to this Place!"